Subsidy on management training and education

SWU Thymos provides the opportunity to SSA’s in Wageningen to follow a management training or education.  Please inform SWU Thymos before you follow the management training or education. After ending the course the form below has to be filled in. Examples of the management training or education are a trainer course or referees course. Within 3 months the form must be sent to SWU Thymos together with the other documents. The other documents are a proof of payment, e.g. bank statement, and a proof of success. SWU Thymos only pays the subsidy after the course has been finished successfully.

SWU Thymos will contribute to 1/2 of the total payment up to a maximum of €250,- per association per year. Per person a maximum is €125,- per year applies. Examples of costs of management training and education are: subscription, exam and course materials costs. The contribution of SWU Thymos will be paid to the association, not to the trainee.

The association guarantees that the knowledge obtained from the training will come to good use to the association for at least one year after the course has ended.

Application form subsidy on management training and education