Subsidy on management training and education

SWU Thymos offers the student sports associations in Wageningen the opportunity to apply for a subsidy for management training and education of members for the association. Management training and education are understood to mean:

• Taking a course by a club member, such as a trainer, coach or referee course

• Attracting an information officer who gives a course to association members

PLEASE NOTE: First aid courses, massage courses and literature are not part of management training and education.

The subsidy amounts to half of the course costs. A maximum of € 250 per year applies per association. Only the costs for the registration fee, exam fee and course material apply for this subsidy. Food, shelter and transport are not included. The contribution of SWU Thymos will be transferred to the relevant association, not to the student himself.

The knowledge resulting from the course must benefit the association concerned at least one year after completion of the course. If this is not met, SWU Thymos may decide that the relevant SSV must repay part of the subsidy amount.

SWU Thymos must be informed of the course to be followed before the start of the course. A subsidy can be applied for up to three months after completing the course. The form must be filled in completely. In addition, proof of passing or participation and proof of payment must be included.