Fit&Vital: courses for a healthy balance

Every day we’re busy with all kinds of things: family, friends, relationships, work, colleagues, personal development, career, deadlines... There are tons of stimuli in our environment and our to-do lists are packed. It can take up a lot of your energy to meet all these expectations.

Therefore, it is important to have a good balance in your life. It’s great to be busy, as long as you can find the time to recharge. If the balance is lost, it can lead to physical and mental complaints.

Fit&Vital at work

For employees of Wageningen University & Research, various courses are offered that help you to seek, find and maintain a healthy balance in your life. There’s something for everyone: individual lessons to maintain your strength, consultations about a healthy lifestyle, appointments with a physiotherapist, courses that teach you how to deal with stress or in which you can learn to set your own limits... you will find it at Sports Centre de Bongerd.

Join us!

There’s different lessons and courses you can choose from every period. You can participate as often as you want!

Interested? Go the the sports list first. In the search bar just underneath the green menu, you find a bar with 'Kind' in front of it. Set this to the option 'Health' and click search. Now you will find the available Fit&Vital courses.

These courses are offered by c-HR (free entrance) and only accessable for WUR-employees.

Get moving and find your balance.

Sit less, feel better!