Master thesis COM

A Master thesis with the Strategic Communication (COM) group allows you to become an expert in a specific area of the strategic communication arena that is closely linked to your personal interest and future career. Under close supervision of a staff member you will thoroughly engage in a full research cycle.

Selecting a topic

The first step in working on a Master thesis is the selection of a topic. You can either develop your own thesis topic or select an available thesis topic. It is advised, to choose a topic that is close to the research being carried out by the chair group, in order to ensure proper supervision and guidance. Please note that your supervisor must always approve the topic of your thesis.

If you need some inspiration, here are some options:

  • Check the available topics below
  • Have a look at he fileds of interests of our staff below
  • Check the list of previous thesis topics
  • Attend thesis colloquia of fellow students

Thesis ring

CPT organises thesis rings for master students. You can find more information by clicking on MSc thesis ring in the submenu on the righthand side.

Be sure to read the MSc thesis documents (contract and manual) required for the Master Thesis.


As soon as you have made up your mind, or if you need any assistance, contact our thesis coordinator Joanne Leerlooijer ( After discussing the possible topic(s) and the courses you have followed, she may direct you to a possible supervisor for your thesis.

Available thesis topics

Fields of interest of our staff

Marleen Buizer

Citizen initiatives
Participatory action research
Discourse analysis
Science-society interface

Joanne Leerlooijer

Communication interventions
Health communication
Community interventions

Bob Mulder

Interpersonal health communication
Behavior change interventions

Marijn Poortvliet

Risk communication
Human-technology interactions
Social psychology
Risk perception
Sustainable behavior

Jasper de Vries

Spatial planning
Persuasive communication

Margit van Wessel

Citizen engagement
Civil society
Advocacy and advocacy evaluation
Communicative governance
Organizational communication