Bachelor Minors Life, Social and Environmental Sciences

Bachelor Minors

Following a minor at the university will deepen your knowledge and competencies within a field of the life, social or environmental sciences.

Update December 8th, 2020 Wageningen University intends to restart inbound and outbound international study exchange programmes in the upcoming Semester 2 (Spring) 2020/2021 (January-July 2021) with European partners. Outbound students will only be allowed to travel to low-risk destinations in Europe. Inbound students from European partners are welcome, but need to take into account corona-related measurements such as quarantaine. For questions, please contact your Departmental Exchange Coordinator.

Following a minor or becoming a ‘bijvak’ or contract student is still possible for students from Dutch universities or universities of applied sciences (hbo).

What is a minor?

The university offers a wide range of Bachelor Minors to students from Wageningen, other universities and Applied Sciences students (HBO). BSc minors consist of a cluster of courses of 24 European Credits (ECTS).

The courses in minors have coherence and profundity. They are scheduled in half a study year, either the first or the second semester of the academic year.

Target groups

Bachelor minors are developed for a wide range of BSc students. Check the Target Groups of each minor in the description of that minor, to help you make the right choice. If you are not part of a study programme mentioned there it doesn't mean that you cannot take the minor. This depends on your interests and background.

Some courses in a minor are also part of BSc majors. If there is an overlap with your programme, it is not possible to choose that minor in the described form. This is indicated in the description of the minor. Bachelor students of Wageningen are allowed to change one course in a minor with permission of their examining board. Discuss this with your study advisor before you start your minor.

Information about minors

If you want specific information about a minor that interests you, contact the minor coordinator of that minor. If you want more general information about the Bachelor minors in Wageningen and you cannot find it on these pages, please contact the central minor coordinator at or use the contact form on this page.