Remove it to Improve it: Location of Leaves Pruned

Leaf removal is a common strategy utilized by greenhouse growers to maintain a specific leaf area index (LAI). Leaves can be removed from along the entire height of the canopy. Young leaves, near the top of the plant canopy consume assimilates whereas mature leaves act as sources as assimilates. The best management practices for this method, including where to remove leaves, is still under discussion. This thesis aims to address the extent to which the location of pruned leaves impacts assimilate availability for the fruits, and thus yield.

Tasks include:

  • High-wire Cucumber Greenhouse Experiment
  • Architectural measurements
  • Photosynthesis measurements
  • Data Analysis

Used skills

  • Plant growth and development measurements,
  • Architectural measurements,
  • Performing greenhouse experiments,
  • Gas exchange measurements,
  • Data analysis

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