Driving license

The ANWB Automobile Association, Molenstraat 80, 6711 AW Ede, tel. 088-269 3240, offers a wide range of information, services and items for (touristic) travelling. They provide information on national and international road traffic, sell books on travelling and camping as well as maps and other useful articles for the cyclist and the motorist. You can also find information on importing or exporting cars and on travel insurance. For a number of ANWB services, you need to become a member of the association.

Foreign visitors coming from an EU country, incl. Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein, can continue using their national driving license. For other countries, an international license may be required. You may use your own license or the international license for a maximum of six months. People from the above mentioned countries as well as a few others can exchange their license for a Dutch one. For detailed information, please contact the municipality in which you are registerd. The phonenumber of the municipality in Wageningen is: 0317 - 492911.