Partnerships in FHM's distance learning programme

The distance learning programme of the Laboratory of Food Microbiology is made available on a not-for-profit basis to interested parties outside Wageningen University.

The programme is open to partnerships with organisations interested to blend the distance learning courses on food safety management into their own teaching or training programmes. These can be academic as well as non-academic blended-learning providers. Also coordinators of educational and training programmes for particular organisations may be eligible for use of the programme.

Such partnership organisations need to apply for use of the e-learning programme on a case-by-case basis with the European Chair in Food Safety Microbioloy. Once approved for collaboration, partnering organisations can benefit from the material developed by and provided via Wageningen University within the particular scope of their own programme. This may save valuable resources and create opportunities for richer learning for participant.

Universities and other training providers and coordinators for skill building for particular organisations and companies are welcome to contact us for partnerships.

Partnership with training providers

Universities, polytechnic institutes of applied sciences and other training providers that are interested in the use of the distance learning programme on food safety management, are invited to approach us for a partnership arrangement.

This programme may be used in the following academic settings:

  • Graduate students (MSc) in Food Safety, Food Technology, Food Science, and (Food) Biotechnology
  • Convocational education and polytechnic universities in these fields
  • Post-Graduate (PhD) students at universities

For universities and polytechnic institutes of applied sciences, you can probably quite easily incorporate our courses in your own curriculum and provide for examination and certification of learning within your own context.

In addition, other convocational training providers may see a benefit of blended courses using the distance learning materials for food safety management

Any such training provider may be able to embed our courses in their own training programmes provided our programme is supporting your training programme rather than constituting the core training element. In certain cases it will be beneficial to be able to provide the content of the distance learning programme in another language than English and through another platform than Blackboard, the current programme standards. It may be possible to negotiate these.

Partnerships with other training coordinators

Public and private organisations that are interested in utilizing the distance learning programme for individual or group training in the context of Continuous Professional Development (also referred to as Life Long Learning), are invited to approach us for a partnership. We may be able to grant you group access at reduced fees, provided your organisational needs comply with our overall aim to make the distance learning availableto food safety professionals globally on a sustainable basis.

Overview of all courses, level of relevance and time required

Overview of all courses, level of relevance and time required

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