Good Hygienic Practices

This course in the Laboratory of Food Microbiology's distance learning programme is meant to provide good awareness of the concepts and terminology underlying specific aspects of food safety management.

It is an introduction to Good Hygienic Practice (GHP). It covers: the basics of GHP,  hygienic zoning, the basic concepts of cleaning and disinfection, and food safety education of food handlers. The methods and chemicals used for cleaning and/or disinfection, and the methods for assessing efficacy are also highlighted. A glossary of terms is included in the text documents.

Who is this e-learning course for?

The table below shows to whom the course should be of interest to and what the level of relevance for each group might be.


Learning objectives

After completing this course the participant will be able to:

  • Explain the different levels of zoning used in food factories, and when and how to apply zoning;
  • Assess what knowledge food handlers and personnel in food production facilities need to have to work according GHP;
  • Explain why cleaning and disinfection are important in a food factory, which methods are available and when and how to apply them.

Entry requirements

There are no official entry requirements. However, we expect that participants have a BSc degree in Food Science, Food Processing or Food Technology, or equivalent professional experience.

Level and duration

The general level of this course, as well as the level in terms of mathematical skills required, are rated at one (1) on a scale of 1 (basic) to 3 (advanced).  The estimated time required to complete this course is 16 hours or less if the participant has prior knowledge of food hygiene.

Teaching method

The course consists of backgound materials and flash movies. Each chapter is followed by two sets of multiple-choice assignments. Although these assignments are prepared from the materials provided, participants may need to consult other related materials. Some principles are illustrated through interactive flash movies. The assignment results are graded; the participant can review his/her grades and compare with averages. For easy reading and archiving purposes, the theory is available in pdf format as well. 

Relevance for target group Good Hygienic Practices

Relevance for target group Good Hygienic Practices

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