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Are you interested in going abroad? Check all your possibilities and find out whether you qualify for an Erasmus+ grant.

Study Abroad

Update 17-6-2020: We regret to inform you that all inbound and outbound international study exchange programmes in the upcoming Semester 1 (Fall) 2020/21 are cancelled. For questions, please contact your Departmental Exchange Coordinator.

Following a minor or becoming a ‘bijvak’ or contract student is still possible for students from Dutch universities or universities of applied sciences (hbo).

Update 3-7-2020: There is more clarity for students who have planned an internship or thesis abroad, which can be found at the page with Corona guidelines and updates. To apply for an Erasmus+ grant you need permission of the Science Group, we will inform you about the rest of the procedure. Please e-mail us for internships that are voluntary, after graduation or in your home land.

What are the options to go abroad?

Study Exchange

Wageningen University offers students various options to study abroad for a semester or a whole year through an exchange programme. Study exchange is when you want to follow courses or do your thesis at a university abroad during your Bachelor or Master programme.

After you have been nominated for study exchange you may apply for an Erasmus+ grant.Go to:

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Contact: Study Abroad office

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Internships & Thesis

Did you know that Wageningen University also offers Erasmus+ grants to WU students who are going to Erasmus+ countries to do a(n):


For grants outside Erasmus+ countries, you can visit