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Are you interested in going abroad? Check all your possibilities and find out whether you qualify for an Erasmus+ grant.

Travel permission and preparation

Students who are planning to travel abroad in the context of their studies (exchange, traineeship, thesis) may need travel permission from WUR. More information:


Although the UK will no longer participate in the Erasmus+ programme, Wageningen University will continue its existing student exchange programmes with British universities and Erasmus+ grants will still be available for exchange to the UK. Please be aware that a student visa might be necessary to study in the UK.

New Erasmus+ possibilities for non-EU destinations (last update Jan 3rd, 2022)

Until recent, the Erasmus+ grant programme was only available for exchange to one of the programme countries (the European Union with a few other countries like Norway and Iceland). The new Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027) opens up to the rest of the world:

  • Internship and thesis Erasmus+ grants for non-EU destinations are available from January 2022 onwards. For more information about the possible destinations, the criteria and the application procedure, look here
  • Erasmus+ grants for study exchange outside the EU are available for nominated students in the Academic Year 2022-2023.  The grant is 2100 Euro (with a minimum stay of 3 months). If combined with a Holland Scholarship the grant will be 1400 Euro max. Depending on the budget, the grant amount can be adjusted. More information about the application will be available on our website soon. Nominated students will also be informed when they are selected.

    What are the options to go abroad?

    Study Exchange

    Wageningen University offers students various options to study abroad for a semester or a whole year through an exchange programme. Study exchange is when you want to follow courses or do your thesis at a university abroad during your Bachelor or Master programme.

    After you have been nominated for study exchange you may apply for an Erasmus+ grant. Go to:

    Click on the visual to view the Infographic's content
    Click on the visual to view the Infographic's content

    Contact: Study Abroad office

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Internships & Thesis

    Wageningen University offers grants to WU students who are going to to do an internship or thesis abroad during or after their studies, or during their PhD.

    For grants outside Erasmus+ countries, you can visit