BSc minor Management of Terrestrial Ecosystems (WUMTE)

The BSc Minor Management of Terrestrial Ecosystems provides students with knowledge of the functioning of forest and natural areas as ecological systems at different temporal and spatial scales is the base for conservation and management. The relation of abiotic factors (landscape, soil, water, atmosphere) with vegetation, wildlife-vegetation interactions and specific aspects of forest ecology are used to explain the conservation and management of forest and nature.

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Schedule 2020-2021
Course code Course name CS/RO Period
FEM22306 Forest Resources CS 1MO
REG32806 Wildlife Ecology and Conservation CS 2MO
HWM10303 Water 1 RO 2AF,3MO
SGL12803 Introduction to Soil Geography RO 2AF
REG20803 Applied Animal Ecology RO 2AF (1st half)
EZO21803 Basic Principles of Vertebrate Zoology RO 2AF (2nd half)
SGL11303 Introduction to Soil Science RO 3AF
PPH10306 Biology of Plants RO 3WD

CS: Mandatory
RO: Choose 12 EC


The BSc minor is a good preparation for the MSc Forest and Nature Conservation for students with various backgrounds.

NOTE: This minor contains a course with a maximum number of students participants. If you want to follow this minor as a "Bijvak or "exchange" student make sure you also choose an alternative course (and register this course in the form). That way you have an alternative if you cannot participate in this course. The information on if a course has a maximum number of participants can be found via the overview of the courses in the minor.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:

  • explain the functioning of natural areas as ecological systems at different temporal and spatial scales;
  • explain the major components of terrestrial ecosystems;
  • compare the effects of conservation and management on the main ecosystem processes and components;
  • analyse ecological theories, using understanding of plant and animal biology, and environmental interactions.

Target group

This minor is interesting for a broad range of study programmes including students from other universities or profession education in biology, forest, nature and environmental sciences. Interested BBW students: please contact the BSc minor coordinator.

Assumed Knowledge

Ba-students are advised to contact the minor coordinator. Basic knowledge in soil science, hydrology, ecology and animal ecology is desired.

Overlapping courses or content with

  • BBN Forest and Nature Conservation
  • BBW Soil, Water, Atmosphere


Dutch and English


First semester (period 1, 2 and 3)

Programme or thematic

Programme minor