MSc Internship at the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Group

It is customary that the student identifies his own Internship topic and provider. In rare cases the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Group is asked by an internship provider to facilitate in the finding a suitable student for a certain topic.

Academic internships at the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Group

Internship topics are inserted in our databases and can be searched by you:

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Another possibility to identify a suitable internship provider and topic is to browse our database listing our MSc topics. You might find that way potential interesting partners our themes that might help you in identifying what we do and what you really want to do during your internship. And contacting the supervising lecturer of that MSc thesis topic might sometimes also help you in the right direction. Or you could contact the WEC internship coordinator to discuss your ideas.

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We prefer to organize the internship after you have fulfilled all requirements of your MSc including your MSc major thesis at WEC, so that you have the best background and the largest experience that will make the internship a success for you and your receiving organization. Please note that are strict criteria for a suitable internship (see below).

Once you have identified a suitable topic, it is good to contact a WEC staff member well in advance to supervise your internship from the side of the University. He our she can help you in shaping your internship to your desires and increase the quality of your internship, and check whether the suggested topics fulfils the minimum requirements of an academic internship.

Sometimes the student really wants to pursue an academic career, increasing chances to become a PhD student, for instance. The student might therefore look for an internship at a University or other high quality research institute (e.g, the NIOO, or NIOZ). The nature of such an internship would therefore be almost equivalent to an MSc thesis. In such cases it is useful to consider the possibility of swapping the Internship for a minor MSc thesis. Ask your study advisor for the procedure. The advantage in the latter case is that your WEC supervisor will be able to supervise you more intensively.

Documents and forms:

  1. Wageningen University & Research only recognizes an Academic Internship. The rules, the organization, criteria and evaluation of these Academic Internships are described in the documents found on the right hand side of the page.
  2. For every internship you first have to fill out our registration form before you can start your internship
  3. A preliminary contract has been made for your internship at the WEC. Fill in this contract in close consultation with your internship provider, and then discuss this in detail with your WEC supervisor.
  4. WThere is a standard procedure to evaluate your internship, with different criteria (including rubrics) for the final marking, the Internship assessment form.

For more questions: contact the WEC internship coordinator.