Application and Admission Plant Breeding

Do you want to apply for the online master's Plant Breeding? Find out whether you meet the admission criteria and how you can apply.

Application deadline

Do you want to start your education in September 2021? The application deadline is 15 June 2021.

You can find the necessary steps for the application in the step-by-step guide How to apply for an online master's?

Admission requirements

Relevant BSc degree

Students holding a BSc degree or equivalent (university, Fachhochschule, ...)* in one of the following fields are eligible for the MSc programme Plant Breeding:

  • Biology
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Life Sciences or related fields

Students with other BSc degrees can be admitted based on the actual courses in their BSc (or MSc) programme and/or relevant work experience. Please ask the programme team for possibilities: Students with a Higher National Diploma (HND) are not eligible.

*As some countries are not yet using the bachelor's-master's system, in some situations, students from within the EU are eligible for admission based on a statement by their university that the level reached is 'BSc-equivalent'.

Grade point average (GPA) of 70%

A grade point average of 70% is the minimum requirement. Students with a GPA between 60 and 70% may be eligible under certain conditions, such as relevant work experience, illness during part of the programme or students with a high mark for thesis work and specialised courses. Students with a BSc degree below Second Division Upper level are not eligible.

When the grading of your programme has been done in a different way and you are not sure how to relate this to the 70% GPA requirement, please contact us by email:

We don't make use of a GRE or GMAT examination.

Proficiency in English

The MSc online programme is given in the English language and all applicants must provide recent evidence of their spoken and written command of English.

More information about English proficiency:

Dutch nationals - EU nationals - nationals outside EU/EFTA.

Specific online master's requirements

Besides these three criteria, enrolling in an online master's programme at Wageningen University & Research also requires the following:

  • Good computer skills
  • Access to broadband internet
  • Commitment to engage in a virtual learning community

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