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Rotylenchus borealis lipstreek, stekel 2.jpg

Rotylenchulus borealis Loof & Oostenbrink, 1962

Members of the genus Rotylenchulus Lindford & Oliveira, 1940 are all parasitic on plant roots and can be found world-wide. Typical for this genus is their very long dorsal gland oriffice (at about 50% of the stylet knobs-metacorpus length) in combination with kidney-shaped sedentary adult females. Young females and males (see pictures below) are vermiform and mobile. The sedentary adult females also produce a small egg sac, as produced by vulva glands. Males show a reduced stylet and a very small bursa. Rotylenchulus borealis was described from the Netherlands and can be found on grasses and maize.

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