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The genus Aulolaimoides Micoletzky, 1915 belongs to the family Aulolaimoididae Jairajpuri, 1964 and the superfamily Tylencholaimoidae Filipjev, 1934. Members of the family Aulolaimoididae typically have a pharynx consisting of three parts, a long slender first part gradually expending posteriorly, a slender middle part with surrounding glandular tissue and a pyriform basal expension with a valvular chamber. All species within this family (4 genera and about 15 valid species) are all relatively small in length. The genus Aulolaimoides has a continuous lip region (i.e. not set off from the body) with amalgamated lips; a small amphid with rib-like elements; a delicate odontostyle with small aperture and a long flanged odontophore. All females are mono-opisthodelphic with an anterior vulva position (between 25 to 30%) and all have a long filiform tail. Members of the family Aulolaaimoididae can be found in aquatic and terrestrial habitats and can be found almost world-wide, altyhough they are relatively rare.