MSc Internship

The internship is a part of the MSc study Animal Sciences. The main emphasis of an internship is looking in the kitchen of other companies, (research) institutes or universities during a period of at least 4 months to experience a potential future workplace.

If you finished your BSc Animal Sciences in Wageningen and chose to do an ADP study track within either specialisation Adaptation, Health and Welfare or Nutrition and Metabolism, you can either choose to perform a second MSc thesis (minor, at least 24 ECTS) or to do an internship (24-39 ECTS). The main emphasis of an internship is to experience the working environment of other companies, (research) institutes or universities as a potential future workplace.

It is up to the internship provider and the student to 'negotiate' about the subject and content of the internship. It may vary from helping hands in experiments to data analyses and reporting. During your internship period, you should work in different projects, but should also be assigned to a specific research project to be able to write a research report.


You need to make an appointment with the education coordinator of the Adapation Physiology Group, Dr Nicoline Soede approximately 6 months before the start of your internship. You can make an appointment via the Adaptation Physiology secretariat: email.

Read the internship study guide ADP (see below) before the appoinement.