MSc Thesis

At ADP, you can do a thesis with a workload of 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33 (Minor thesis), 36 or 39 (Major thesis) ECTS. The aim of this thesis research is to train academic skills by means of an in-depth, scientific study on a subject of his or her interest.

Minor thesis

There are no additional compulsory requirements for a minor thesis if you have finished your BSc Animal Sciences. However, information presented in the MSc course Health, Welfare and Management (ADP-30306) is assumed known.

If you did a different BSc, additional ADP courses may be required, such as the MSc-course Health, Welfare and Management (ADP-30306) or, depending on the subject, the BSc-course Immunology and Thermoregulation (ADP-20306) or Reproduction and Fertility (ADP-21803).

Major thesis

For a major thesis, obligatory within the ADP study track within the specialisations Adaptation, Health and Welfare or Nutrition and Metabolism, the MSc-courses Health,Welfare and Management (ADP-30306) and Adaptation Physiology (ADP-30806) are compulsory.


You need to make an appointment with the education coordinator of the Adapation Physiology Group, Dr Nicoline Soede approximately 6 months before the start of your thesis. You can make an appointment via the Adaptation Physiology secretariat: email.

Read the thesis study guide ADP (see below) before the appoinement.