BSc Thesis Human and Animal Physiology

Human and Animal Physiology is committed to teaching that challenges and inspires BSc students.

Human and Animal Physiology extensive expertise in performing interventions studies focused on assessment of energy metabolism, integrated with metabolic, functional genomic and immune-histochemical analysis. We perform short term interventions and cross-sectional mechanistic studies in humans, detailed short and long term dietary interventions in model animals (mice and pigs), and detailed mechanistic studies in tissues as well as primary and cultured cells.

For BSc students, we offer possibilities to participate in literature studies related to the current physiological research performed at HAP. Research questions focus on the research aims of HAP and thereby contribute to comprehensive mechanistic and physiological interpretation of current scientific findings.

If you are interested in writing your BSc thesis on one of the subjects below, you can contact our secretariat to make an appointment with Dr Sander Grefte to discuss the possibilities.

“Of note: The aim of our chair group is to make a good match between your interests and our BSc thesis topics. This cannot always be guaranteed during period 6 due to the large number of students that sign up. If you are not restricted to period 6 and want to be sure that you can write a BSc thesis on your topic of interest, our advice would be to schedule your BSc thesis during a different time period.”

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BSc Thesis Subjects

BSc Thesis Human and Animal Physiology

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