MSc/BSc theses

The Centre for Crop Systems Analysis offers exciting topics in the domains of crop production and agro-ecology. Our research questions are addressed using both state-of-the-art experimental designs as well as innovative modelling approaches.

Our research roughly falls along the five themes listed below, please click on them for more information. Also tailor-made topics can be arranged – do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the contact person for one of the themes.


1. Course guide MSc Internship at Wageningen University

2. Internship Contract and Learning Agreement

3. Internship agreement with internship host

4. Internship assessment form

5. Internship assessment form host supervisor

6. Rubric professional internship

7. Rubric research internship

Before the start of your internship, you should complete Internship contract (form 2) with the supervisor at the internship provider and the university supervisor, and send a scan of the signed final document to the secretariat ( Data management for the internship should be carried out according to the rules and regulations of the internship provider.

MSc Thesis

1. Msc Thesis Course Guide Wageningen University

2. Aims and components of MSc thesis work CSA

3. Master Thesis Agreement CSA

4. MSc Thesis assessment form WU

5. Rubric MSc thesis

6. Procedure for Data Management Plans within CSA

7. DMP format CSA

Before the start of your MSc thesis, you should complete the Master Thesis Agreement (form 3) with your supervisor, and send a scan of the signed final document to the secretariat ( Furthermore, you should complete the format for the data management plan in consultation with your supervisor, and submit it to the secretariat (