Completed MSc Thesis Reports


Name MSc Title Supervisor
Aurell Oses, Maria MID Food Sovereignty: Discourses and Practices Jessica Duncan
Bellina, Agnese MOA De-modernizing food systems through practices Dirk Roep
Deijl, Lisa MOA Evidence for agroecology in policy Jessica Duncan
Drion, Susan MID Alternative Funding for starting multifunctional farming Dirk Roep
Fröndt, Maria MID Composting and Group Dynamics in Ghana Kees Jansen
Geert, Stefanie van MCH Following eating in the Ntabelanga Area Jessica de Koning
Genello, Laura MOA Farming for the Future: Motivatoins and values of beginning farmers Dirk Roep
Goffo, Laura MOA Ecologisation and regional food systems Dirk Roep


Name MSc Title Supervisor
Verzijden, Martin MOA Een geschiedenis van ziekenhuiseten Bettina Bock
Geuze, Josh MID Effective strategies for civil society engagement in global food security governance Duncan Jessica Duncan
Hoogendam, Sander MOA Persoonlijke waarden van zorgboeren Ina Horlings
Bekkers, Jip MID Negotiating mobilities Jongerden Joost Jongerden
Biesheuvel, Romi MID Friction in ''The good life'' Jongerden Joost Jongerden
Heuven, Edel MID The post-structural subject and the paradox of coherence Jongerden Joost Jongerden
Molenveld, Menno MID In Pursuit of freedom, justice, dignity and democracy Joost Jongerden
Vlieger, Seth de MOA The people left behind Joost Jongerden
Bakker, Yanick MID The role of social capital in strengthening community resilience in fisheries community in Scotland Jessica de Koning
Papadopoulou, Maria MFS Food safety, Production Modernisation and Origin Link under EU Quality Schemes Dirk Roep
Rothmayer, Janine MID The public discourse on the abolishment of the dairy production quota in Germany Dirk Roep
Verschoor, Anne MFT An Impact assessment of potentially radicaal niche developments in the Dutch dairy sector Dirk Roep
Angelino, Lian MCS Thuisafgehaald and the theory of practice Esther Veen
Solman, Helena MLP Tourism and recreational function of urban agriculture Esther Veen
Knaap, Linde van der MOA Samenwerken met vrijwilligers op kleinschalige tuinderijen in Nederland Esther Veen

2016 and before