About FLOP

FLOP (Frontier Literature Of Plant Physiology) is a regular meeting organised by HPC for PhD-students associated with the C.T. de Wit Graduate School for Production Ecology and Resource Conservation (PE&RC) of Wageningen University (http://www.pe-rc.nl/)

In FLOP we discuss mostly manuscripts from participants and sometimes recently published papers. For each meeting one of the participants selects a paper and sends it to all others at least one week in advance. Before that, the participant informs the others about the selected paper and asks who is interested in joining that meeting.  Based on that he/she makes a distribution of tasks.

In the meeting, the paper is discussed based on questions like:
- is the aim clear and are the experiments fitting with the aim?
- are methods all clear?
- is the (statistical) analysis correct?

- are conclusions supported by the data?

Our aim is to improve publication skills and to learn more about the work of fellow PhD students in the fields of whole plant physiology, crop physiology, crop ecology and product physiology.

[Chairperson of a meeting will be either Dr. Ep Heuvelink or Dr. Wim van Ieperen, both staff member of HPC]

We have about 18 meetings per year and qualifying PhD-candidates are expected to participate in at least 10 meetings. At present about 12 PhD students are participating.