Food Chemistry

PhD Trip

In 2020 we are heading to South Korea!

Every two years, the PhD candidates of the Laboratory of Food Chemistry of Wageningen University organise an international study trip. The goal of these trips is to share and gain knowledge and experience in the food technology area. Joining these trips allow the PhD candidates to broaden their scope in this field and to prepare them for a career after their PhD research.

In October 2020, a group of approximately 25 PhD candidates together with Prof. Dr. Ir. Jean-Paul Vincken will visit South Korea. The study trip will last 14 days and we are planning to visit leading-edge universities, research institutes and  companies that carry out research closely related to the research topics of the Laboratory of Food Chemistry. Here, the PhD candidates will give oral and/or poster presentations about their research topic, but also the hosting organisations introduce their organisation and research topics. Often, this is accompanied with a laboratory or factory visit.

At this time, we are in contact with different universities, research institutes and companies in South Korea to plan visits to. For example, we will go the Seoul National University, a top ranked university with a Food Science and Biotechnology department. Research at these departments coincides with the different themes of the Laboratory of Food Chemistry, such as carbohydrate, lipid, phytochemical and protein chemistry. We will also visit the Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology in Suwon, South Korea’s first and largest research institute. This institute collaborates with highly ranked universities and puts cutting-edge technology into commercialisation. Additionally, we will plan visits to R&D centres of companies, including CJ CheilJedang. This is a multi-brand global food company that aims to create the taste of South Korea.

To make such a trip possible, we are very dependent on external financial contributions. Therefore, we are currently working on arranging sponsorships. We already want to thank all contributors that are financially supporting our trip, as without their help, these inspiring and educational trips are not feasible. You can see who is supporting us at this page.