In Europe, more and more GMOs are permitted as ingredients in food and feed. However, more and more GMOs are also appearing on the world market that have not been tested in Europe for their safety on humans, animals and the environment. As a result, they cannot be incorporated into products that are marketed in Europe.

GMOs in your production chains

At Wageningen Food Safety Research we can help you screen your production chain to see how likely it is that such unauthorised GMOs have been incorporated into your products and which GMOs it concerns.

WFSR has more tasks regarding GMO

Wageningen Food Safety Research carries out several tasks when it comes to GMOs:

  • Safety assessment of food and feed from GMOs.
  • Studies of GMOs in the chain, for correct labeling of GMO products and detection of (non-) permitted GMOs.
  • Analyze samples for the presence of GMOs in food and animal feed products.
  • Method development for the adequate and cost-efficient assessment of GMOs without the use of laboratory animals.
  • Advise on safety and detection of GMOs to (inter) national authorities including the European Food Safety Authority and Economic Cooperation and Development.
  • Advise on the safety assessment of GMOs for admission to the market within the European admission system.