Student experiences - Molecular Life Sciences

The MSc thesis forms the core of your personal programme in Molecular Life Sciences. This project of at least 36 ECTS (6 months full-time work) is carried out within one of the research groups of Wageningen, that are allowed within your specialization. You can get inspiration during courses given by your preferred research group, or have a look at their website and approach the contact person by email. During your thesis, you are a full member of the research group, which means you work at their laboratory, attend meetings and present your work to the other members of the group.

The internship on the other hand can be carried out anywhere in the world, and has a value of at least 24 ECTS (4 months of full-time work). You will make your first steps in a real working environment, while further increasing your scientific competencies. The main options are other universities, research institutes and the industry. Around 80% of the students go abroad, which is also a good opportunity for personal development. Experiences from current students are presented below, to get a sneak peak into the life of a MSc student Molecular Life Sciences.