The countdown

All my reports are handed in, I passed my lab and tasting exams and the business plan is presented. What is left are six exams, three of which are given before Christmas and three afterwards. Similar to everybody in Wageningen I also have to study next week, which means coming days won’t be that exciting in Dublin. Recent weeks were busy enough though, so it’s time to give another update I think.

Killarney, Kerry & Cork

Together with a lot of other students of ESN I went to Killarney, Kerry and Cork during the last weekend of November. The concept was similar to the trip to Galway, which was a great success. Therefore everybody was really looking forward to it. The bus, fully loaded with international students, drove on Friday morning to the south of Ireland. At the first day we planned to go to Killarney, where a big Christmas parade was going on. On Saturday morning the bus driver showed us the most beautiful parts of the ‘Ring of Kerry’. This 179-km-long route follows the South-West coast of Ireland and includes some popular touristic points. However, the largest part of the road looks more like a cycle lane than a freeway, so some experience of the bus driver wasn’t superfluous at all. That evening we arrived in Cork that, with a population of only 119,000, is the second largest city of Ireland.  Of course the weekend ended with some good live music in one of the pubs.

Ben Howard

Last weekend my brother visited me again in Dublin. Because it’s almost my birthday, I already got an early present from him. Tickets to a concerts by Ben Howard, that’s not bad at all! A great concert at the Olympia Theatre in the centre of Dublin was the perfect addition to my complete Ireland experience. Thanks Chris!

Dubliners be like

Speaking about my Ireland experience. Before I went to Dublin, it was mentioned that Dublin’s nightlife is completely different from that of Wageningen. Soon we were convinced that my Ireland experience wouldn’t be complete without one night going fully in Irish style. One has to admit that the make-up and clothes of the locals can be somewhat UK/Geordie’ish. So after ten layers of foundation, fake lashes, teased hair and dressed in a crop top and skirt, we went out. Well what shall I say, it was an experience, but one time was more than enough. I feel pity for the Irish ladies, because I can’t really say that the feeling of glued lashes was that comfortable.


The countdown is on, going home for Christmas. Only one week left before I’ll fly back to the Netherlands to see so many lovely friends and family again, celebrate my birthday and of course sit down for Christmas dinner. New Years Eve is celebrated at Scottish soil though.  On Tuesday the 30th of December I’ll take the plane to experience Edingburgh’s Hogmany. This is one of the biggest festivals in the world to countdown to the new year. With such a start, I’m sure 2015 will be a good one! In the second week of January there are still three exams waiting for me. Fortunately there is some time left for studying and, even more important, before I have to say goodbye to Dublin.