Student Platform & Chaplaincy

Student Platform & Chaplaincy is an ecumenical and international community of students from countries all over the world and from different Christian traditions.

The SP&C is an open social student community, membership is not required. Their aim is to gather students in all their diversity for religious, philosophical and cultural exploration and discussion. SP&C is motivated by a Christian hospitality and a genuine interest in the many different ways young people try to give meaning to their lives.

Among the activities of SP&C are social gatherings, excursions, trips, dialogue groups, cultural workshops, movies and discussion, life coaching and training. Check the agenda of SP&C.


With Crossroads SP&C wishes to create a meeting-place for people from different countries, cultures, ideologies and religions. This meeting-place may serve as a forum to share thoughts and experiences about topics related to world-society, culture, science and religion.