PhD Study Trip - Food Quality and Design

At the Food Quality Design Group in Wageningen we like tradition. Every two years a PhD study trip is undertaken and organised by PhD students. During this adventure we share scientific knowledge, learn and experience, broaden scientific networks, and stimulate collaborations with researchers from all over the world. In October 2018, from 19-10-2018 to 02-11-2018 we will visit a variety of universities, research institutes and companies in Australia.

During our trip we will be stimulated on both a scientific and cultural level. Via mini-symposia, (poster)presentations and workshops we share knowledge, scientific results and culture, which will lead to many fruitful discussions.

The PhD study trip is recognized by our graduate school (VLAG) as an important part of the PhD curriculum. During the trip highly important skills like presenting and networking will be lifted up to a next level relevant for our further development as scientist.

We are looking forward to an inspiring and educative trip. For more information please visit our Food Quality and Design Group website.
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Yours faithfully,

Organization Committee Members
Hannah Zenker
Lucía Frez Muñoz
Mohèb Elwakiel
Mostafa Zahir
Sara Pacheco