The Rio das Velhas Watershed Case Study, Minas Gerais, Brazil : Towards new water management participatory approaches

Teodoro, Hildeano Delanusse; Warner, J.F.


The present work was carried out in order to discover the possibilities over the increment of new approaches concerning water resources management based on the social and institutional actors participation. To do so, the River Basin Watershed Committee (CBHRV, in Portuguese), located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, was used as a case study. This committee is recognized nationally and internationally both for its conception history, as well as for its organization and established partnerships with the public and private sectors. The research shows that innumerable factors must be considered in public policies to increase the social participation in long term. Among them, the technical chambers, governmental support and approach with the private initiative for the establishment of integrated planning in the river basin stand out. In this direction, the knowledge of the institutional elements characteristic of the object of research, as well as the local political arrangements is fundamental for the consolidation of participatory approaches.