Home-grown school feeding programmes and the challenge of embeddedness: the case of local food networks and the Ghana School Feeding Programme

Sulemana, Nashiru; Millar, David; Hebinck, P.G.M.; Wiskerke, J.S.C.


Home-grown school feeding (HGSF) programmes aim to “kill two birds with
one stone” by using the power of public food procurement to stimulate local
agricultural development. This chapter uses the Ghana school feeding programme
as a case study to discuss the mixing of economic and non-economic activities
under HGSF programmes. The chapter argues that HGSF programmes are
embedded in sociocultural relationships, and that their outcomes are therefore
the result of negotiation processes among various actors. The implementation of
HGSF programmes should be flexible enough to take advantage of the lessons
that are drawn from these embedded negotiation processes.