One after the other : A novel Bluetongue virus strain related to Toggenburg virus detected in the Piedmont region (North-western Italy), extends the panel of novel atypical BTV strains

Marcacci, Maurilia; Sant, Serena; Mangone, Iolanda; Goria, Maria; Dondo, Alessandro; Zoppi, Simona; Gennip, René G.P. van; Radaelli, Maria Cristina; Cammà, Cesare; Rijn, Piet A. van; Savini, Giovanni; Lorusso, Alessio


In this rapid communication, a novel atypical bluetongue virus (BTV) strain detected in goats in the Piedmont region (north-western Italy) is described. This strain, BTV-Z ITA2017, is most related in Seg-2/VP-2 (83.8% nt/82.7% aa) to strain TOV of BTV-25. Reactive antisera of goats positive by cELISA for BTV antibodies failed to neutralize a chimeric virus expressing the outermost protein of TOV. Infected animals displayed low levels of RNAemia and absence of clinical signs consistent with bluetongue infection, a scenario described in animals infected with atypical BTV strains.