Corrigendum to “Sensitivity of labile carbon fractions to tillage and organic matter management and their potential as comprehensive soil quality indicators across pedoclimatic conditions in Europe”

Bongiorno, Giulia; Bünemann, Else K.; Oguejiofor, Chidinma U.; Meier, Jennifer; Gort, Gerrit; Comans, Rob; Mäder, Paul; Brussaard, Lijbert; Goede, Ron de


The authors would like to apologize for missing the correction provided below: To calculate the tea bag decomposition, the final weight of the tea bag instead of the % mass loss (i.e. 1-final weight/initial weight) was taken. Hence, the negative partial correlation originally found should be positive. The corrections have been made in the online version of the manuscript. Table 4. Partial correlation coefficients (ρ) between the labile organic carbon fractions expressed in mg kg−1 soil (Hy-DOC, DOC, POXC, HWEC and POMC) and % (TOC) and various soil chemical, physical and biological indicators used as dependent variable, corrected for the long term field experiments (LTEs). The number of samples used in the analyses was 167, but 101 for earthworm number, and earthworms biomass. In the table also the average correlation coefficients for each indicator group (chemical, physical and biological indicators) is reported, in addition to the overall average correlation coefficient (calculated across all the indicators). [Table presented] Hy-DOC hydrophilic dissolved organic carbon, DOC dissolved organic carbon, POXC permanganate oxidizable carbon, HWEC hot water extractable carbon, POMC particulate organic matter carbon, TOC total organic carbon, TON total nitrogen, CEC cation exchange capacity, WSA water stable aggregates, BD bulk density, MBC microbial biomass carbon, MBN microbial biomass nitrogen, SR soil respiration, qCO2 metabolic quotient, qMIC microbial quotient. *p ≤ 0.01, **p ≤ 0.001, ***p ≤ 0.0001.