Transforming embodied experiences of academic conferences through creative practice : Participating in an instant choir at the nordic geographers’ meeting in 2019

Parks, Jude; Cassidy, Kathryn; Currie, Ruth; Doughty, K.S.E.; Clark, George E.; Gombay, Nicole; Duffy, Michelle; Barry, Kaya; Ryan, Anne Wally


This paper stems from cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration between community music and human geography which sought to interrogate and understand claims of social sustainability and social change often cited in evaluation reports of community music projects. The lead authors (Parks and Cassidy) took this dialogue forward by organising a geography conference session which incorporated an instant choir workshop to test how we might ‘do’ social sustainability through practice. Drawing upon ideas from both disciplines, the paper synthesises the reflections of nine participants in the session to explore the capacity of creative, embodied, geographical practice to transform hegemonic experiences of academic conferences, and to create a sustainable and inclusive community of practice.