Modelling of spatial light distribution in the greenhouse: description of the model

Buck-Sorlin, G.H.; Hemmerling, R.; Vos, J.; Visser, P.H.B. de


In Dutch greenhouse horticulture, use of additional assimilation light in the form of lamps plays an important role. So far, little is known about the effect of lamp positions, types, and spectra, on light distribution per se and on light interception by the crop canopy in relation to the arrangement and architecture of different crops. We present here a new model of a SON-T assimilation lamp, implemented using the interactive modelling platform GroIMP. A set of virtual lamps is positioned in a simulated 3D greenhouse, which latter exhibits main geometric features and semitransparent surface textures imitating glass and construction elements. Here we show results of the simulation of spatial distribution of light. The application of such virtual lamps for the simulation of light interception in static virtual crops of rose and tomato is briefly illustrated and the extension of this model to other lamp types, such as LED, is discussed