Electrostatic separation method for foodstuff

Dijkink, Bert Hans; Schroot, Henkdrikus Gozewinus


The invention is directed to a method for the electrostatic separation of foodstuff components present in a foodstuff composition by an electrostatic separator, said separator comprising a separation chamber and at least three plate electrodes positioned in the separation chamber, wherein the plate electrodes are positioned substantially parallel and are spaced apparat from adjacent plate electrodes; the plate electrodes are arranged to be rotated alternately around a first and a second rotation axis, which rotation axes are substantially parallel, provided at a distance from each other and substantially perpendicular to the plate electrodes; at least part of an outer surface of the plate electrodes faces at least part of an outer surface of adjacent plate electrodes; a flow path for a stream of foodstuff components is provided between the outer surface parts of adjacent plate electrodes which are facing each other; and the plate electrodes are alternately chargeable with a positive and a negative electric charge or alternately grounded and either positively or negatively chargeable.