Intramuscular inoculation of calves with an experimental Newcastle disease virus-based vector vaccine elicits neutralizing antibodies against Rift Valley fever virus

Kortekaas, J.A.; Dekker, A.; Boer, S.M. de; Weerdmeester, K.; Vloet, R.P.M.; Wit, A.A.C. de; Peeters, B.P.H.; Moormann, R.J.M.


In the past decade, the use of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) as a vaccine vector for the prevention of economically important livestock diseases as well as for human diseases has been extensively explored. In this study, we have constructed a recombinant NDV vaccine virus, named NDFL-Gn, that produces the Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) Gn glycoprotein. Calves were immunized via either the intranasal route or the intramuscular route. Delivery via the intranasal route elicited no detectable antibody responses, whereas delivery via the intramuscular route elicited antibodies against both NDV and the Gn protein. The RVFV-neutralizing activity of the antisera from intramuscularly vaccinated calves was demonstrated, suggesting that NDV is a promising vaccine vector for the prevention of RVF in calves.