Tussenrapportage ecologische opgaven en potenties Grote Wateren in 2050 : Een experimentele analyse ten behoeve van het Natuurwinstplan Grote Wateren

Veraart, Jeroen; Tangelder, Marijn; Pedroli, Bas; Wal, Jan Tjalling van der; Smith, Sarah; Sluis, Theo van der; Elburg, Eline van; Dill, Shannen


The Dutch government wants to make additional investments to improve the ecological water quality of the rivers, lakes ans estuaries. This is arranged in a programmatic investment approach, entitled PAGW. In addition a strategy is in preparation to ensure a better coordination with area-specific frameworks of Natura 2000. This research is part of this and aimed to provide a prognosis for 2050 about both the ecological potential and the remaining Natura 2000 objectives to be achieved. This is an interim report that focuses on the remaining Natura 2000 objectives.