TN (Tina) Bauer

TN (Tina) Bauer

Externe medewerker

I joined the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy team as an external Ph.D. candidate in early 2016. The topic of my Ph.D. is Under a changing climate: forest communities in the Bolivian Amazon: The role of forest capital in social-ecological systems responding to extreme weather events, under the supervision of Prof. Bas Arts (FNP), Dr. Verina Ingram (FNP) and Prof. Dr. Wil de Jong (Kyoto University).

Prior to starting my Ph.D., I obtained an MSc in Geo-ecology and Ecosystem Management from Tübingen University, with a particular focus on (Tropical) Forestry. During my MSc, I studied for one year at Van Hall Larenstein following the Tropical Forestry course. I completed my MSc thesis in East Cameroon in collaboration with Tropenbos International, focussing on timber legality and sustainability in community forest management with regard to the upcoming FLEGT-VPA. After graduation, I enjoyed working in Panama, at Tropenbos International in Wageningen and joined the Forest Ecology and Management group as a guest researcher for tree ring analysis.

Between 2012-2013, I conducted fieldwork for my Ph.D. in the Bolivian Amazon and worked as a tutor for the MSc course Tropical Forestry and Management at TU Dresden, Germany. I was affiliated with the INCA (International Network on Climate Change) research project, which ended in early 2014. I continued fieldwork in Bolivia in 2015, while being based in Kinshasa, DR Congo (2014-2016), working as a junior policy advisor for the programme Biodiversity & Sustainable Forest Management for the German Development Cooperation GIZ. Subsequently, in 2017, I expanded my knowledge in international project management with a focus on development cooperation and graduated with a coordinator certificate.  Between 2017 and 2019, I lived Pucallpa, Peru, where I continued working for GIZ as a technical advisor for community forestry and indigenous forest management. Since 2020, I am a planning advisor for forest(ry) projects at GIZ. 

Due to my full-time employment, I can currently only be reached via email.