T (Taufik) Haryanto

T (Taufik) Haryanto


Taufik is a PhD candidate in the LAW and Forest and Nature Policy (FNP) Groups. He obtained bachelor degree in Forestry from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), in Indonesia and an MSc in Forest and Nature Conservation, Wageningen University, The Netherlands with specialization in Society and Policy. He has experience working in environmental assessment for forestry-based private sector, and nature conservation in Indonesia.

His PhD project is looking at contractual networks in governing the commons especially in hotbeds areas with case studies in West Papua, Indonesia. His project is an interdisciplinary, combining theories of contract law and commons governance with the main focus on:

- contractual approach in governing the commons

- regulative tools needed in contractual networks

As an interdisciplinary researcher with extensive field experience, he enjoys deepening theories from both law and environmental disciplines, collaborating with multiple stakeholders, and exploring different research methods. He is strong in qualitative methodologies and has a keen interest in mixed methods as well. His areas of expertise are sustainable nature management, environmental policy, and community-based approach. 

For questions, feel free to send an e-mail at taufik1.haryanto@wur.nl