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Education - dr. ME (Meghann) Ormond


Meghann Ormond is interested in supervising MSc and PhD students in the following areas:

  • transnational health and social care 
  • migrant heritage practices
  • genealogy and recreational genomics
  • disability and accessible tourism
  • foodways and tourism

Those interested in developing projects related to these themes are invited to contact her by email ( with a CV and short proposal describing the desired research project.


Current PhD supervision:

- Trista Lin (Chih-Chen): Beneficiaries of social projects involving international volunteers in Peru

- Tom Rowe: Solastalgia, climate change and mobilities


HSO-10306 Global Health
GEO-79324 MSc Research Practice Cultural Geography
GEO-56806 Advanced Qualitative Research Design and Data Collection Methods
GEO-30306 Concepts & Approaches to Tourism Society and Environment
GEO-70424 MSc Internship Cultural Geography