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Education - W (Wim) de Vries

Coordinator of the course "Environmental Assessments for Pollution Management". In this course, we discuss environmental impacts of agricultural production and energy production and present various (chains of) models to evaluate the impacts of policy scenarios and management options on air, soil and water quality. An important aim of the modelling tools and resulting analyses is to support managers (e.g. farmers or foresters) or policy/decision-makers in taking appropriate management or policy measures. We focus on the management of large-scale (diffuse) inputs of carbon, nutrients (specifically nitrogen and phosphorous) and pollutants (specifically heavy metals) related to food, feed and fibre production. In the course we also pay attention to the problem of climate change as an example of an international (transboundary) pollution problem.


ESA-31806 Environmental Assessments of Nutrient and Pollution Management
ESA-70424 MSc Internship Environmental Systems Analysis
ESA-80424 MSc Thesis Environmental Systems Analysis
ESA-80436 MSc Thesis Environmental Systems Analysis