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Education - RP (Rene) Kwakkel


YWU-50401 Practical Week Dairy Farming
YWU-50501 Practical week Pigs and Poultry
YWU-50601 Practical week Companion Animals
YWU-50801 Practical week Horse Management
ANU-70424 MSc Internship Animal Nutrition
ANU-80424 MSc Thesis Animal Nutrition
ANU-80436 MSc Thesis Animal Nutrition
ANU-79324 MSc Research Practice Animal Nutrition
ANU-70224 MSc Internship Animal Nutrition
ANU-79224 MSc Research Practice Animal Nutrition
ANU-20306 Principles of Animal Nutrition
ANU-30306 Nutrient Dynamics
YAS-21806 Quality of Animal Products
YAS-10306 Introduction to Animal Sciences