NA (Nur) Bahmid MSc

NA (Nur) Bahmid MSc

Externe medewerker

PhD Guest in Food Quality and Design, under supervisions of Matthijs Dekker and Jenneke Heising.

Research topic is antimicrobial packaging by using Isothiocyanate derive from mustard seed as antimicrobial agent incorporated into packaging material.

The objectives of research will mainly design the antimicrobial packaging in which when it is exposed to temperature abuse during transportation or elevated water activity, the release of isothiocyanate can be activated, thereby inhibiting the growth rate of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria in order to enhance the shelf-life of food.

During research, activities will consist of investigation of controlled release of Isothiocyanate incorporating into packaging material, design of the antimicrobial packaging, and isothiocyanate effect in Packaging towards microorganism activities on food and sensorial properties, and mathematical modelling of shelf life and microbial activity of food.

This research will be conducted until May 1st, 2021.

Born in pare-pare, Indonesia and graduated from Bogor Agricultural University for MSc and Hasanuddin University for BSc. Nowadays, working in West Sulawesi University, Indonesia.