Y (Yannick) Buitenhuis MSc

Y (Yannick) Buitenhuis MSc

PhD Researcher

Yannick Buitenhuis is a PhD candidate at the Public Administration and Policy Group (WUR). His PhD project focuses on the influence of public policies, in particular the EUs Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), on the resilience of farming systems. He, therefore, conducts research on:

  • How policymakers and stakeholders in the EU frame the concept of resilience.
  • How policy goals and instruments of the CAP support or constrain the resilience of farming systems by introducing the Resilience Assessment Tool (research article). 
  • How stakeholders experience the influence of policies on the resilience of their farming system by using a bottom-up approach to policy analysis.
  • Propose a set of co-designed policy recommendations on how to improve the capability of the CAP to support the resilience of farming systems in the EU (research article). 

With his PhD project, he aims to expand the knowledge on the influence of policies on the resilience of farming systems and to formulate suggestions for policy improvements. The aim is also to contribute to the conceptual and empirical discussion on the relationship between public policy and resilience more generally.

Yannick took part in the SURE-Farm project (Towards Sustainable and Resilient EU Farming systems): a research and innovation project funded by the European Unions Horizon 2020 programme, involving 16 universities and research institutes from 11 European countries, coordinated by WUR.

Yannick obtained a BSc degree in Human Geography and Planning, Utrecht University (2015) and a MSc degree in Environmental Sciences, Sustainable Development: Earth System Governance, Utrecht University (2017). For his Master's thesis, he conducted research on the necessary governance conditions for successful ecological restoration of estuaries (research article), combined with an independent research internship at WWF The Netherlands.

Yannick is a member of the WASS PhD Council and the Wageningen PhD Council (WPC), representing PhD interests at the graduate school and university level.