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Projects - A (Andrijana) Horvat PhD

ProOrg - How to make the best choice for processing of organic food?

Duration: May 2018 - May 2021

Production of organic agricultural products is grounded in well-established regulations and guidelines. On the other hand, processing of organic food within food companies is currently not regulated. ProOrg emerged from a need to develop standards and indications for organic food processing within the EU. ProOrg partners aim at developing a set of strategies and tools (Code of Practice) that can help organic food processors in the selection of appropriate technologies for organic food processing. Together with other project colleagues, I am responsible for designing case studies aimed at testing usability of the Code of Practice within food companies.


PhD project title: Food design system dynamics

Duration: October 2014 - October 2018

Aim: the project aimed at identifying if system dynamics approach is able to lead to new insights in improving new food product acceptance throughout the product life cycle, in order to develop an integrated framework for NPD (new product development) decision making. The project included:

  • modelling and computer simulation by developing qualitative causal loop diagrams and quantitative stock and flow diagrams;
  • data collection methods such as group model building, interviews, document analysis.