JL (Jurriaan) te Koppele MSc

JL (Jurriaan) te Koppele MSc


I am PhD researcher at the department of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at Wageningen University (2021-2024). With a background in social neuroscience, I am interested in how our emotions shape our daily choices.

I hold a BSc in Psychology from Utrecht University and a MSc (res) in Psychology from the University of Amsterdam, with specializations in social psychology and cognitive neuroscience. During my studies I have investigated the constituents and behavioural consequences of affective experiences (morbid curiosity and trust).

Before starting my PhD, I worked full-time as a tutor and course coordinator at the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Here I discovered the value in applying fundamental findings from emotion theory to consumer research. I am driven to employ my know-how for the transition towards sustainable consumption.

In my current PhD project, I explore the dynamics between emotion and consumer behaviour, supervised by Ilona de Hooge and Hans van Trijp. In this project we investigate how emotions influence choices for (consumption) situations and consequent consumption choices. I am open to a variety of research methods like virtual reality and neuroscientific methods. I will mostly focus on online and lab experiments, and choice modeling.

Research interests: emotion, affect dynamics, motivation, social and affective neuroscience, social influence, (sustainable) consumer behaviour, choice modeling