dr. JA (Coby) van Dooremalen

dr. JA (Coby) van Dooremalen

Senior Scientist

I am fascinated by the physiological flexibility that organisms use to cope with environmental change. After I completed two MSc-theses on this topic, I was asked to assist in a similar study conducted at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology. I continued this research during my PhD by studying the physiological basis of phenotypic plasticity in springtails in response to changing temperature.

Since 2011, I work as a project and program leader at Wageningen Plant Research, where I used my experience to develop the emerging field of how honeybee colonies cope with stressors and prevent losses. In my research, I have touched upon many aspects of academic research related to honeybee biology, eco-physiology, stress-ecology and beekeeping as well as dissemination of results to beekeepers and (governmental) organizations. The combination of research and application to prevent honeybee losses motivates me to continue my work on honeybees and to find ways for beekeepers to keep their colonies in optimal health, preferably using bee-friendly sensor technology and while understanding the underlying colony resilience.

Character and skills

Strong project leader with clear vision and strategy; team builder; adaptive leadership styles; pro-active and ability to take initiative; well-developed interpersonal skills, including social and political antenna; good organizational and time management skills.