dr. IM (Marleen) Buizer

dr. IM (Marleen) Buizer


I take a special interest in the politics of place making, civic participation and environmental governance, adopting interpretive qualitative research methodologies, action research and other participatory methodologies, conducting discursive-institutional analysis.

Theoretically and conceptually I have been inspired by a wide range of critical thinkers with backgrounds as broad as political philosophy, political ecology, human and critical geography, urban studies, planning, sociology, anthropology and STS. I think it is important to develop stronger ideas on how we can overcome the barriers to transdisciplinary approaches.

I supervise students working on topics related to place-making and public policy, the role of knowledge, conflict and participation, civic initiatives and democracy. My current research focus is on the politics of participation in public space and landscape governance. For example, with regard to place-making I like to ask: what does it do? how is it performed? what is the role of design? how do 'text, talk and things' communicate ideas, how and why do some ideas become more strongly represented than others? who win and who loose by what mechanisms?

My current teaching involves courses on planning theory and ethics, research methodology, and the integration of skills, attitudes and cognitive knowledge in 'the Atelier Landscape Architecture and Planning'. Aside from the political dimension, the spatial dimension of environmental and participatory governance in a context of urbanisation are always a topic in my courses.