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Projects - dr. MN (Nowella) Anyango-van Zwieten PhD

Tracing Conservation Finances as Global Flows

The greatest contemporary challenge in nature conservation is to sustain and increase finances. Consequently, there is a massive growth of innovative, often more international and market-based financial mechanisms that build on or replace conventional mechanisms like bilateral aid and tourism. The rapid entrance of mainstream investment markets into conservation is even predicted to become as important as the development of the Internet. However, the scale and consequences of these transformations are still poorly understood. By linking environmental sociology to a sociology of flows, my research project uses qualitative research methods to examine the scope and impact of, and relation between, conventional and innovative forms of conservation finance first, as global flows and fluids. Second and related, it uses three empirical contexts: a global conservation organisation, an actor from the financial sector joining conservation, and a region where the infrastructures, nodes, networks and financial fluids are mooring.