Data confidentiality

Wageningen University & Research conducts research involving personal data, confidential data and even secret data. The organisation therefore wants to ensure that research data that are collected during these research projects are kept secure.

The confidentiality class of your research data determines how you should store and exchange them (see 'Storage solutions' and 'Exchanging data').

Wageningen University & Research employs the following confidentially classifications:

  • Open - The information is explicitly public. There are no restrictions on distribution.
  • Internal - All research data are internal, unless otherwise classified. The data may be viewed by all staff, students and registered external parties.
  • Confidential - This is the usual classification for data sharing within groups. This includes all information covered by the Data Protection Act or information about contract research with confidentiality agreements. Access to this information is granted only to specified individuals.
  • Secret - This is an exceptional classification for research data with high impact if leaked. Access is strictly protected and is granted only to specific individuals.