Exchanging data

What possibilities does Wageningen University & Research offer to exchange research data with others inside and outside the institution?

The best solution for exchanging your data depends on the following factors:

  • Who needs access to your research data and from which location?
  • How much data does it concern?
  • What is the confidentiality classification of your research data?
Possible solutions are listed in the table below.

Data exchange solution Short description Can I exchange data with third parties? For confidential data?
Project or department shares through the W drive Research data that are stored in a folder on the W drive can be shared with others within the institution (project or department shares) No, only within the institution Yes
Team sites Team sites is a webbased collaboration platform where you can share and edit data files Yes. Wageningen University & Research employees can request access for people outside Wageningen University & Research by requesting an extranet account (X-account) Yes
Cloud (OneDrive for Business, Surfdrive, dropbox) Cloud services such as Onedrive make it easy to share data files with others Yes No. Wageningen University & Research urges you not to store your sensitive data with cloud services

Contact Data Management Support for advice on the best solution for exchanging your data.

See also 'Storage solutions' for more information on storing current data.